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My background is 28 years professional experience in the entertainment, tourism and holiday business.

So where and how can I help? Well first and foremost I am a firm believer of things in our industry being correct, looking correct and making the very best first impressions for your guests.

I can offer a completely unbiased and professional appraisal of various departments within your company. The main areas of my expertise are the entertainment, marketing and advertising departments along with the overall look and feel from a guest’s viewpoint and perspective.

The target for me is to pinpoint and seek out weak and under performing areas, to determine where outlay could be saved and improved upon and to strive to ensure each area is running on maximum efficiency at all parts of the year. At the end of my findings I will have a meeting with you and submit a full and detailed report for your attention

With nearly 30 years of professional experience working in holiday parks and  holiday hotels throughout the UK means that I can now offer this experience to your company in order to ensure continued success.

If you think your business may benefit from utilising my experience and services then feel free to contact me for an initial chat.

To offer an unbiased honest and professional appraisal of current leisure departments.  

I take each relevant area of the park and run through a checklist of  excellence and efficiency. It’s my  job to report back my findings to the company, along with recommendations  and suggestions .

Better to have things not right noticed by  me than the guest.

To increase the company portfolio by thoroughly looking at all areas in which the company operates. To look at current hotels on the itinerary, check daily tours, area attractions new and old, check marketing possibilities for the same. Check new areas for new business using my hotel and coach business experience. To provide the company with a detailed dossier/ factsheets, suggestions on all covered areas.

To primarily check on the hotel / group’s leisure programme and  all things relating to both daytime and evening entertainment facilities and programmes. To visit all hotels within the group, observe current leisure practises involving both daytime and evening leisure activities. Report findings and suggest recommendations.

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